Despite Protests, Student Celebrates Victory with Pro-Life Speech

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In his defense of family and the sanctity of life, Christian Cortez Pérez, a recent graduate of The Autonomous University of Baja California in Mexico and psychology major, reminded everyone that the natural right of the freedom of speech pertains to all. According to The Christian Post, Pérez, who was named the valedictorian of the university’s School of Medicine and Psychology, celebrated a victory after the university tried to ban him from practicing his profession due to the pro-life and pro-family comments in his commencement address. Despite students and faculty protesting during his speech, Pérez bravely finished the address completing the important message he was sharing with his peers. 

According to The Christian Post, Pérez’s address was labeled “hate speech,” and the university “demanded that his academic degree and professional license be withheld, his merit award withdrawn and psychology associations across Mexico be alerted about his actions.” In sharing his reaction to the university’s attempt to destroy his career, Pérez stated that it is a serious danger when “professors with agendas” commit to punishing those with whom they disagree instead of upholding the right of free speech. Through court proceedings, the university’s claims were found to be “groundless” and Pérez called his victory “a great win for fundamental freedoms.”


The Christian Post reported that in his commencement speech, Pérez stated, “Today we are deep into a real anthropological struggle to redefine the human being, the human person, man, through the implementation of ideologies and fashions of thought that always end up undermining dignity and freedom.” Pérez added that “to attack life and the family is to self-destruct, it is an attack on civilization itself.” He also told his peers, “you have to love; no one seeks the good of the other if he does not love him.”

Recognizing the issues facing society today, Pérez highlighted the need for the respect of human dignity, family, and life. Though his words to many at the university were considered offensive, Pérez’s victory showed them that disagreement is not grounds for silencing one another, and with that, his victory was not just a win for freedom, but a win for the message he was sharing about the value of life. 


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