Divide Deepens Between Red and Blue States

Credit: Blue Line Moving/Facebook

With blue states turning a deeper shade of blue and red states standing firm in their values, America is facing a historic divide that may phase out purple states altogether. According to AP News, Americans are on the move, looking for a place to live that fits their values, and in some cases their wallets, better than anything else. While those who want a strong state government, and are not burdened by the high taxes it comes with, are rushing to blue states, those who want more freedom and less of a tax burden are making their way to red states. 

States like Texas, Florida, and Idaho are attracting conservatives across the spectrum to their areas. For some, having abortion laws that outlaw the practice once a heartbeat is detected is a draw, while others cite financial benefits of moving to a red state. In blue states like Colorado, California, and New York, those seeking “artistic culture” find their happy place to be right in the middle of it all, despite paying painfully high taxes. 


Although Colorado and Idaho share the geographic features of being Rocky Mountain states, politics are posing a significant divide between residents as Idaho turns more red and Colorado turns more blue. Although many who moved have not said that politics is their main driving factor, many find themselves living among those with similar views after they have made the move.

While the country changes and politically active Americans take on new advocacy, some have shared that their move made them more comfortable to express themselves. Tim and Jennifer Kohl, a couple that now lives in North Carolina after leaving California, shared that they are comfortable to fly the U.S. flag and a Thin Blue Line banner outside of their home now. Meanwhile, Leah Dean, a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community shared that she was afraid to hang her LGBTQ+ pride flag outside while living in Texas, but after moving to Colorado, she is much more comfortable to fly it there. 


The polarization of America may make it easier for people to choose where to live, but moving is not always an option for many. For those not intrigued at the idea of starting a new life, possibly a new job, and possibly moving away from family, living in a state where the politics are the polar opposite of their values may be their only choice. The extent to which blue and red states will pursue their values is yet to be determined, but with those settling in places where their values are established, the divide is sure to be a strong one. 

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