Dmitry Medvedev Warns Poland on One Year Anniversary of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

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Former Russian president and current deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council Dmitry Medvedev suggested on the one year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that Russia would consider taking territory away from Poland, a member of NATO. According to Reuters, in a message on his Telegram account, Medvedev said that Russia would “push back the borders of hostile states as far as possible.”  

When Russia invaded Ukraine one year ago they called it a “special military operation” to “protect Russian speakers and ensure its own security.” Meanwhile, Ukraine called the invasion an “unprovoked colonial-style war of aggression,” and they are vowing not only to defend their land but to take back their own territory, including Crimea which Russia annexed in 2014, with force. 


Although Medvedev suggested that he believes Russia will be victorious and a “some kind of agreement” would be achieved, it would not likely contain agreements on “real borders.” The goal to define the “real borders” is why Russia needs to expand now, Medvedev said. Suggesting that Poland “threatens” Russia, Medvedev warned that the NATO country may not be exempt from Russian aggression. Poland shares much of its eastern border with Ukraine and its northeastern border with Russia.

According to Reuters, “any encroachment on Poland’s borders would bring Russia for the first time into direct conflict with NATO. U.S. President Joe Biden pledged in a speech in Warsaw this week to defend ‘every inch’ of NATO territory if it was attacked.” 


While everyone knows the consequences if Russia engages with a NATO nation, Medvedev’s willingness to engage in confrontation with Poland is alarming. Medvedev’s comments should not be taken lightly; political analysts suggest that he will likely be considered one of Putin’s possible successors when that day comes. 

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