Dolly Parton Meets Girl Whose Life Changed Thanks to Her Charity ‘Imagination Library’

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Dolly Parton is giving children the special gift of hope with her charity ‘Imagination Library’ which gives free books to children from birth to age 5. According to Southern Living, Parton has changed the lives of many children through her charity, especially one little girl, Rosie, who was born blind. Rosie’s mother, Liz, shared on The Kelly Clarkson Show that when her daughter received books written in braille from Imagination Library, she found a passion and it changed her life. 

According to Southern Living, Liz shared on The Kelly Clarkson Show that six years ago, she and her husband adopted Rosie “who was dealing with multiple health issues and was born blind. Doctors were unsure whether the little girl would walk or talk or even survive. Her devoted parents helped her find a love of music, but she reportedly really bloomed when she began receiving books from the Imagination Library that were written in braille.”


Rosie met Dolly Parton, who introduced herself as “the book lady” on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Parton helped make Rosie’s experience a special one to remember as she sang “Amazing Grace” with Kelly Clarkson at Rosie’s request. Then, Parton, Clarkson, and Rosie sang “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” together. 

Liz told Dolly that although her daughter is blind, “she’s going to see the world through the love and the generosity of people like you…who stand in all those gaps that we have. Our family is so grateful for you.” 


Dolly Parton launched Imagination Library in 1995 and has shipped nearly 200 million books to children worldwide. Parton was inspired by her father’s inability to read to start this charity. On Imagination Library’s website, Parton shares, “When I was growing up in the hills of East Tennessee, I knew my dreams would come true. I know there are children in your community with their own dreams. They dream of becoming a doctor or an inventor or a minister. Who knows, maybe there is a little girl whose dream is to be a writer and singer. The seeds of these dreams are often found in books and the seeds you help plant in your community can grow across the world.”

With Imagination Library, children across the United States and around the world are finding that they are being thought of and loved. By providing books to children, Imagination Library is allowing children to dream when others may be telling them not to, helping children build confidence in reading and in themselves, and opening doors for them to see far beyond their reach. Helping children dream, and giving them hope that may one day achieve it, is a gift that never stops giving.

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