‘Easter Baskets of Life’ Donates 1,000 Baskets to Children in Need

Credit: Easter Baskets of Life

Dawn Godfrey, the founder of Easter Baskets of Life, is spreading the Easter holiday cheer by donating a free Easter basket to every student in the Lockland School District in Ohio this year, according to WKRC. Since 2001, Easter Baskets of Life has been bringing joy to children in need, and with the community’s help, they have grown to donating an average of 1,000 baskets each year. Godfrey noted that although there are wonderful and numerous charitable efforts to give to children around Christmastime, Easter Baskets of Life is filling a void of giving around the holiday of Easter when we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

According to WKRC, the idea for Easter Baskets of Life came to Godfrey in 1999 when her two-year-old daughter was uninterested in the goodies Godfrey filled in her Easter basket that year. From that moment on, Godfrey got to work making baskets for children in need who would appreciate the thought and gifts inside more. In the beginning, they started with about 120 sparsely-filled baskets, but with the support of the community, that number has substantially grown. Godfrey shared that she was motivated to continue expanding her work by the thank you notes she received from grateful children and families. 


This year, the nonprofit Love Like J.J., which was created by parents who unexpectedly lost their son last year, has donated 100 baskets to the effort. The baskets this year will be donated to women’s shelters, and school districts, with the largest donation going to the Lockland School District where every student is part of the free and reduced lunch program, according to WKRC. 

The mission of Easter Baskets of l.i.f.e (little inspirations for Easter), according to their Facebook page, is to provide “Easter baskets overflowing with toys, candy, stuffed animals, books, and more to homeless, abused, neglected, orphaned, fostered, or impoverished children in Cincinnati and its surrounding areas.” In addition, they strive “to share the joy and love that Easter brings through the promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ.” Ensuring that children in need are not overlooked during this special time, Godfrey and the community that supports her efforts are making a difference in the lives of children by reminding them that they are thought of and loved all year long. 


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