Equine Therapy Brings Healing to Veterans at Ohio Therapeutic Riding Center

Credit: Fieldstone Farm Therapeutic Riding Center

Fieldstone Farm in Ohio hosted an open house for veterans earlier this month, according to Spectrum News 1, to help veterans find the benefits of equine therapy. Volunteer Leah Brown, who is a veteran herself and married to a veteran, wants other veterans to learn more about this resource as “horses can provide peace through mindfulness.” The open house event welcomed veterans, active duty military members, reserves, and their families to enjoy time spent with horses as they were joined by other veteran organizations that helped make the day’s festivities a wholesome experience.

One of the largest equine programs for veterans and their families, according to their website, Fieldstone Farm offers veterans a supportive environment for whatever their needs. They state, “through working with our therapy horses, veterans learn skills to overcome the struggles and stressors of everyday civilian life and heal from emotional and physical trauma.” Fieldstone Farm works in collaboration with the Wounded Warrior Project, the Veterans Administration, and Ohio Operation Military Kids to develop effective programs for the military members they serve. The programs are offered free to veterans thanks to the generosity of donors.


With a highly trained team of therapists and horses, veterans have reported improved relationships, more confidence, increased mindfulness, and reduced anxiety among other benefits. Fieldstone Farm’s director of program quality, Dr. Aviva Vincent, shared that “including a horse as my co-therapist in a session, and allowing the horse to intuitively interact with the client leads to breakthrough moments unlike anything I have ever witnessed; it is powerful. I have seen healing time and time again. I am grateful to be trusted to facilitate these lifechanging connections.” Veterans who have used the program agree, such as U.S. Army veteran Jerry, who shared “Fieldstone is a respite from the turbulent world that we all live in. When I groom a horse, I feel a connection. They help me focus on the moment and take my mind off other things. I am most at peace when I am with horses.”

Equine therapy is a unique resource for veterans that allows them to bond with an animal that is calming. With their programs for healing and recovery, Fieldstone Farm has been transforming the lives of veterans and their families who have experienced and embraced the calmness that comes from spending quality time with horses. Fieldstone Farm offers equine therapy to all who would benefit from the comfort, hope, and community that can be found through their programs. 


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