Faith-Based Ministry Provides Free Vehicle Repair Service

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Grace Lutheran Church and School is hosting a volunteer mechanic service in their parking lot with the Christian Auto Repair Service (CARS for Christ) for people with limited finances who need work done on their vehicles, according to Rexburg Standard Journal. Though the service is always offered the fourth Saturday of each month, volunteers also travel to those in need where their cars need to be serviced. The program has been making a difference in the lives of so many people who may not be able to use their vehicles without the assistance from CARS for Christ. 

Cliff Cummings, and his small group of volunteers, are among those who help people with basic maintenance and repairs on their vehicles including oil changes, replacing brake pads and motors, or swapping out spark plugs or fan belts. For example, one customer who brought her car to the service had no heat. Cummings identified the problem that she was low on antifreeze and fixed it for free, saving her what would have likely been a lot of money had she gone to a shop. For those who cannot make it to the church, Cummings travels to them to get the job done. According to Rexburg Standard Journal, “Cummings has acquired a service truck, which is filled with tools and can be used for oil changes. The winter, when extreme cold takes a toll on automobiles, is their busy season.”


For people who cannot afford basic vehicle repairs and maintenance that can cost hundreds of dollars from a shop, CARS for Christ is providing them with a sense of security and relief that they would not need to worry about remaining mobile amid issues that may arise with their vehicles. The program relies on donations from the community to maintain the ability to perform maintenance and make repairs at no cost to the customer. However, if a customer has the means to pay for a part or chip in, they may pay for it. For example, a woman was able to buy a new battery that Cummings replaced for her. CARS for Christ advertises at Grace Lutheran Church, Aid for Friends, and Head Start, while many clients find out about them through word-of-mouth. 

Servicing vehicles for those with limited means ensures that they can still drive themselves where they need to go either to work, doctor appointments, the grocery store, and school. Cummings shared that the best part of the program is that it helps people maintain the independence they have using their own transportation. With no expectation to donate, or attend Grace Lutheran Church, clients are overwhelmed with the generosity and genuine care that they receive from volunteers with CARS for Christ. 


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