Farmers Across the World Unite for ‘Global Agriculture Day of Prayer’

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Farmers across the country and around the world are preparing for the Global Agriculture Day of Prayer, a day where they praise God and express gratitude for their harvest, according to CBN News. Thousands will gather in Kentucky this Friday, February 18, for the special event that will include honoring God, prayer, raising money for disaster relief, thanking God for the harvest, and asking for Him to heal their land. The event will host numerous special guests who will address the audience with messages of hope and faith. 

Among the guest speakers at the event will be Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, who will virtually share the work of Samaritan’s Purse which has been assisting farmers impacted by the December tornadoes. Additionally, Don and Jodie Lamb of Lamb Farms in Lebanon, Indiana will also speak at the event. According to Don, the agricultural industry is closely connected with the gospel as tending to the harvest directly relates to the gospel message. He shared with CBN News that his faith has made him a successful farmer, stating that “‘in farming, there’s a lot of uncertainties and for me, having God at the center of our farm is a big part of that.’”


Organizers of the event are promoting the PTL Challenge to “spread the word quickly and join 1 Million in prayer on February 18.” The PTL Challenge includes praying, texting a personal invitation to at least ten friends through social media, and joining the event live. With the PTL Challenge, the Global Agriculture Day of Prayer will include millions of people around the world as they pray for farmers. Don explained that technology has been a blessing in that it brings people together from different parts of the world who share faith and have the same goal. The event will also encourage people to donate to disaster relief through Samaritan’s Purse International Relief, or Fellowship of Christian Farmers International focusing particularly on victims of the destructive tornadoes that hit Kentucky and surrounding areas in December. 

Uniting the agricultural industry and others through faith and prayer provides an opportunity to strengthen farmers across the country and around the world. Through dedicating a special day to honoring God, giving thanks, and praying for harvest, the Global Agriculture Day of Prayer is making a difference in the lives and perspectives of those in the industry. The messages of hope that will be shared at the event will not only lift the spirits of farmers, they will also help raise awareness of the hard work that goes into the agricultural industry and how important it is to the growth and development of countries around the world. 


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