FBI Establishes New Unit to Handle Threats to Prosecutors, Agents

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has formed a special unit to investigate people who they say are threatening prosecutors and FBI agents involved in the Hunter Biden investigation. According to NBC News, the prosecutors and FBI agents have been “the targets of threats and harassment by people who think they haven’t been tough enough on the president’s son.” The threats to the FBI have “coincided” with attacks by congressional Republicans and former President Donald Trump, who NBC writes, have accused both the FBI and the Justice Department of “participating in a conspiracy to subvert justice amid two federal indictments of Trump.”

Jennifer L. Moore, then an executive assistant director of human resources for the FBI, told the House Judiciary Committee in June that the stand-alone unit was set up to “address threats that the FBI employees’ facilities are receiving.” The unit, Moore explained, will be made up of about 10 people whose daily job will be to assess the threats to FBI employees.


According to NBC News, Federal prosecutor Lesley Wolf, who had been part of the U.S. Attorney David Weiss’ team investigating Hunter Biden, said she sought security from the U.S. Marshals Service. Two IRS agents have accused Wolf of making decisions that seemed favorable to Biden. 

“Special counsel Jack Smith and his team have long been protected by an armed security detail, as is Robert Hur, the special counsel appointed to investigate classified documents found at President Joe Biden’s home and office,” reports NBC News.


Officials handling the case of Trump and 18 other defendants for alleged election interference in Fulton County, Georgia have also requested security at the helm of “threats of violence.” The field office declined to provide details of any security threats and investigations that may have followed.

In response to officials feeling threatened, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said that “the committee’s counsel, Bruce Castor, ‘faced the same kind of thing’ when he defended Trump in impeachment proceedings,” and added that “there’s no place for those kind of threats.”

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