Fire Department Delivers Firewood to Help Families Heat Their Homes This Winter

Credit: shutterstock

The Newcastle Fire Department in Maine is helping to heat homes for community members in need this winter by partnering with the Community Housing Improvement Program (CHIP). According to The Lincoln County News, firefighters are volunteering to pack and deliver firewood for families to heat their homes that are part of the program. With inflation more than doubling the price of heating homes, it is becoming more challenging for families in the community to stay warm this year. 

Students and staff from Lincoln Academy joined the fire department in loading and delivering the wood to a family. Newcastle firefighter Jake Abbot said, “helping like this is a really important way to learn more about your neighbors and community while seeing firsthand the impact of just a few minutes of your time in helping out.” The eight students and staff members helped Abbot load the truck in ten minutes and unload it in just five.


CHIP Project Manager Brittany Gill shared that she is grateful for the partnership with the fire department. Gill was particularly excited that in addition to firefighters, youth from the community were also helping out their neighbors. Gill said, “I love engaging different groups of people. It’s really valuable for everyone involved. I’m pleased too, to develop a relationship with a fire department, because with wood deliveries, safety can be a real issue.”

The first wood delivery of this year took place on November 25, and Abbot shared that he hopes they continue bringing firewood throughout the winter to ensure families do not have to brace the cold inside their homes. Going above and beyond their call of duty, members of the Newcastle Fire Department are showing how much they care about their community and setting an example of what it means to serve. As youth join the firefighters, they are not only helping their neighbors, but learning about the importance of recognizing the needs of others and the blessing it is to be able to give. 


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