FL Gov. Ron DeSantis Signs Bill Supporting Active Fatherhood

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill on Monday intended to support fathers taking an active role in the lives of their children, according to The Christian Post. The bill, which passed with unanimous approval, will allocate $70 million towards initiatives focusing on supporting fatherhood by funding organizations and resources that provide opportunities for fathers to find the support they need. From helping fathers find employment to equipping them with resources that will help them stay connected and engaged with their children, the bill is addressing the needs of fathers and youth by providing a solid foundation for growth and development. 

At Monday’s press conference where DeSantis signed House Bill 7065, he recognized the effects of fatherlessness on youth, noting the high percentages of homeless, runaway children, and school dropouts among other serious issues. Holding the hands of his own two daughters, DeSantis highlighted the essential role fathers play in the lives of their children and reflected on the need to build strong and positive relationships. 


According to The Christian Post, “the bill authorizes the creation of a Responsible Fatherhood Initiative, which ‘must provide an opportunity for every father in the state to be able to obtain information and inspiration that will motivate and enable him to enhance his abilities as a father, recognizing that some fathers have greater challenges than others and would benefit from greater support.’” A comprehensive list of resources will be available for fathers where they can find information about parenting and resources that will support their specific needs. 

Additionally, the law will support organizations assisting fathers in “‘finding employment, managing child support obligations, transitioning from a period of incarceration, accessing healthcare, understanding child development, and enhancing parenting skills.’” The law also extends to at-risk male students in middle and high school who will be mentored through programs that will train them for future employment. 


Highlighted at the press conference was the Jack Brewer Foundation’s American Heroes Initiative which “partners professional athletes and local leaders with fatherlessness youth across the U.S. to ‘bridge the cultural gaps that are escalating [due] to the absence of spirituality and positive male influence.’” Brewer, who was in attendance at the conference, stressed that the bill is not just giving out money, but is truly changing the lives of all men who must seek a positive life path that supports healthy relationships and lifestyles. 

Paying attention to the most dire needs of communities across the state of Florida, Governor DeSantis is reaching out to support them with effective programs and resources. Through this bill, organizations and resources working hard to support fathers and fatherless youth will have opportunities to grow and develop to exceptional levels that will allow them to make a measurable impact in their communities. With this bill, DeSantis has not only highlighted a problem, he has provided a solution that will change lives. 

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