FL Governor Ron DeSantis Proudly Signs Heartbeat Protection Act Into Law

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Governor Ron DeSantis (R-Fl) just signed a bill into law banning abortions in the state of Florida after six weeks of pregnancy, which is the time around when a baby’s heartbeat begins to be detected. According to Breitbart, DeSantis celebrated the Legislature passing the bill, known as the Heartbeat Protection Act, asserting that in the state of Florida, lives and families are strongly supported. 

The bill revised the former regulation of banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. “The bill includes exceptions for rape, incest, human trafficking up to 15 weeks of pregnancy, preserving the life of the mother, or a fatal fetal abnormality in a pregnancy that has not entered the third trimester. The legislation also requires abortions to be performed in person by a medical doctor or osteopathic physician, meaning medication abortion must be dispensed in person and not by mail.”


Pregnant women will also be able to receive more medical and support services during and after their pregnancy thanks to this bill. Nearly $143 million has been included in the bill to enhance services for women during pregnancy and the postpartum period as well. This effort will help improve the health of expecting mothers and their babies by ensuring they receive the help they need. 

Additionally, the bill has designated $25 million to expand the services provided by state-sponsored crisis pregnancy centers. These centers offer pregnancy testing, counseling, and essential items such as cribs, diapers, formula, car seats, and clothing. An additional $97 million is going to support foster parents, caregivers, and children. 


DeSantis’ office praised the effort noting that in places like New York and California where they have “legalized infanticide up until birth,” Governor DeSantis has taken measures “to defend the dignity of human life and transform Florida into a pro-family state.” 

While most parts of the bill will take effect immediately, such as the support for pregnancy and postpartum services, the six-week ban will be on hold while the Florida Supreme Court decides the constitutionality of the pre-existing fifteen-week ban. 

The passage of this law is significant for the pro-life movement as Florida became a place where people sought abortions after its surrounding states enacted stricter abortion laws in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the Dobbs case. Breitbart news reported that in 2022, 6,708 abortions were performed on out-of-state patients, which was a significant increase from prior years. 

While Governor DeSantis is receiving much praise from pro-life groups in his state, those who favor abortions have accused him of being a “coward,” and the female state lawmakers of “serving ‘white men’ and the ‘white patriarchy.’” However, such criticism is not deterring leaders of the state of Florida from standing up for life at every stage, and fulfilling the promise to help women and families from the moment of conception on. 

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