Former Congresswoman Warns of the WHO’s Potential Power Grab in Handling of Future Pandemics

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The World Health Organization (WHO) is seeking to gain power in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic through negotiations that would give them the authority to make decisions for members of the United Nations in the case of another pandemic. Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is sounding the alarm that the nations around the world may be submitting to the power of the UN, which could make a tremendous impact on their economic, political, and social states within their countries. 

CBN News reports that Bachmann warned that the WHO “would be empowered to tell us in America we have to lock down, we have to shut down, we have to close our churches, we have to close our schools, We’re forced – mandated – to take a vaccine, whether we want to or not. We’re forced to mask. We’re forced to – whatever it is that they tell us – that we have to do.  We have never before in history – in 5,000 years of recorded human history – we’ve never seen this level of authority given to an international, global body.”


Despite the extreme power grab by the WHO, an organization with limited credibility after their handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, some don’t see it as a concern. Bachmann cautioned that she “sees little to no opposition to handling over this power next year.” 

Dechen Wangmo, Bhutan’s Health Minister, said that we now have an “opportunity to foster international collaboration, ensure global health security and protect the lives of the well-being of all people beyond boundaries.” Dr. Abdullah Assiri, who co-chairs the Working Group on International Health Regulations, seemingly agreed that boundaries may be irrelevant as he asserted that “Prioritizing actions that may restrict individual liberties, mandating and sharing of information, knowledge and resources – pandemic control efforts are all necessary during a pandemic.” 


Even U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra expressed the Biden administration’s urgency in supporting this measure stating that “I wish to stress from our perspective, the quicker we can come together, the sooner we will all be safe,” adding that the world’s problems will not be solved by “a few leaders or a few countries, but the world coming together.” 

Bachmann warned that she does not believe the nations understand the implications of such a standard, but some members of Congress are weary. Especially concerning is the push to call the negotiation an accord rather than a treaty, since a treaty would require Senate approval. Bachmann warned that “once you give government and power away, it’s very hard to get it back.” 

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