Former Drug Dealers Share Miraculous Journey Becoming Ministers of God

Credit: Peer Solutions Behavioral Health

Rich and Shay Walters share the inspirational story of going from drug dealers and a life of addiction to doing community outreach and being a strong supporter of people who want to change their lives. According to CBN News, after suffering from the effects of drug addiction, alcoholism, and crime, the couple have turned their lives around and are helping others do the same. They credit their miraculous lifestyle change to finding God and living a life of faith through His love, forgiveness, and guidance.

Rich, who suffered from severe drug addiction and alcoholism in what he described as a “never-ending cycle,” was depressed, alone, and miserable. He felt like his life was defined by failure and desperation because of his addiction problem. Shay, who survived multiple overdoses and suicide attempts was addicted to heroin, a drug dealer, and involved with crime. She was arrested in 2015 on “nine felony drug charges and faced 22 years in prison.”  However, after Shay and Rich found God, they felt themselves restored and revitalized through His love and guidance. Rich explained that God “completely turned their lives around” which was a miracle after all they had been through. Shay shared that her humbling moment in 2015 made her cry out to God for help knowing that she could not live this type of lifestyle anymore. 


Now, Rich and Shay are helping members of their community overcome challenges by guiding them towards a life of faith. According to CBN News, “the couple now run Peer Solutions Behavioral Health in Parkersburg, West Virginia, and minister to more than one million people combined on their Facebook pages.” Shay explained that “God opens doors we could never open on our own;” He is forgiving and wants to give us second chances. Through God, love enters our lives, and He makes what seems to be impossible, possible. Rich and Shay credit the healing they are able to give to others to the healing and love they received from God. 

The courts have reached out to Rich and Shay to help people who need guidance overcoming addiction and other problems. Rich explained that his life has meaning now, and helping others has been the greatest blessing “beyond his wildest dreams.” Rich and Shay are proud of their family and their business which they see as miracles for which they are grateful for everyday. Through Peer Solutions Behavioral Health, millions more are finding the faith they need to restore their lives alongside the encouragement of Rich and Shay Walters who can truly empathize with their problems and help them find God. 


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