Former ‘Gold Rush’ Star Back With New Series Highlighting Faith and Family

Credit: Gold Rush Todd

In the new Discovery series “Hoffman Family Gold,” Todd Hoffman, who formerly appeared on the popular series “Gold Rush,” is bringing his Christian faith and values to viewers across America. According to The Christian Post, Hoffman is giving audiences a glimpse into his family life highlighting how they depend on their faith to get them through the challenges of gold mining in Alaska. Hoffman, who left his mining career four years ago to focus on his family, is looking forward to sharing his family’s faith and encouraging others with their journey through his new venture.

Hoffman shared that taking his own path following Christ was “lonely” when he was younger, but he knows how important it was to take his faith seriously. He explained that there was a moment in his life where he wanted to be a youth pastor and attended Bible colleges. Although he remains active in the church, Hoffman shared that his faith led him into business instead where he felt his skills were strongest. Now, he will combine both his faith and passion for business by encouraging others to find light in their lives as his family does through prayer and having a more positive work environment.


According to The Christian Post, Hoffman said, “I’m no poster boy for the faith. But I’m telling you right now, my family, we love Jesus, we represent the best we can, our faith and our values.” He added, “The most important thing in our lives, the words that we want to hear is, ‘Well done, my good and faithful servant.’ Because all the things of this world, including gold, all will pass away. And it’s a single journey between you and Jesus Christ. This is where the crux of everything is and that’s why I love being on television because there’s no other medium that you can reach [so many].”

Hoffman noted that during such challenging times and an environment where young people can get lost in the trends of their generation, it is important to encourage people to embrace a healthy passion and build their lives around it. Stressing the importance of family, Hoffman shared that families should bond with and support each other, and he hopes that “Hoffman Family Gold” makes a positive impact on their lives. 


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