Fox News Host Shannon Bream Inspires Women Through Book on Biblical Figures

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Fox News host Shannon Bream is inspiring generations of women through her new book, Mothers and Daughters of the Bible Speak, in which she highlights heroines of the Bible and the lessons they teach to readers. Bream’s strong faith led her into penning the book which is one of a three part series. According to The Christian Post, though Bream grew up in a religious household and attended Liberty University, she shared that she learned even more during her research by delving deeper into the stories of the biblical figures and each woman’s relationship with God and family.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Bream explained that this project was a “huge blessing” where the research process allowed her to feel like she knew the biblical figures “personally” by the time she was finished writing the book. She added that each family in the book allows readers to learn from “the good and the bad,” through families that are “beautiful and faithful,” and others that are “dysfunctional.” The message, Bream shares, is that through including these stories in Scripture, “God wanted us to learn something and to know something and to see His faithfulness over the ages.” 


Bream also referenced the inspiration she receives from her own mother, Marie. Bream noted her mother is “selfless” and genuinely prays for others no matter where they are, even if it is in the middle of a grocery store. Impressed with her mother, Bream shared that she wants to emulate her, seeing her as “the model of Christ we really aspire to.” Through writing this book, Bream noted that she sees the importance of the relationship she has with her mother and how blessed and grateful she feels. 

The book’s description reveals the insight Bream gives to readers into the lives of these biblical women and how their stories can inspire women today. According to the description, “Not all of these mothers and daughters in the Bible were paragons of virtue. Like us, they were human beings who faltered and struggled to do their best. While some heard God’s voice, others chose their own paths. Through the lens of their imperfections, we can see how God used their stories to bring about His divine plans. He’s still doing the same work in our lives today.”


Mothers and Daughters of the Bible is a book that will bring readers on a faithful journey that they may relate to their own lives. For some women, finding their identity through faith may bring them closer to God through a deeper understanding of the experiences of women figures of the Bible. The encouraging message that God knows each person’s journey, including their struggles and successes, gives women hope and courage to move forward building strong relationships through faith. 

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