‘Full House’ Star Shares How Faith Helped Him Handle Loss, Overcome Alcoholism

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‘Full House’ star Dave Coulier recently shared with CBN’s Faithwire details about his struggles with alcohol and his long friendship with his co-star and friend Bob Saget. Coulier discussed the role faith has in his life that has helped him overcome challenges and cope with his troubles. In addition to the importance of faith, Coulier reminded listeners to keep laughter in their lives as he says it heals and gives people perspective. 

Coulier shared that his alcohol abuse “endangered his faith” and led to other challenges in life. He shared with Faithwire, “I always equate my faith to a fire that’s burning inside of you, and I almost extinguished that fire because of my abuse with alcohol.” Since Coulier became sober, he expressed gratitude for being able to feel “raw emotions” and deepen his relationship with God. 


Coulier explained that he had difficult struggles in the past year with very close deaths including that of his brother, father, and close friend Bob Saget. Coulier shared how his friendship with Saget grew since meeting him in a comedy club with Coulier eventually sleeping on his couch. Coulier told Faithwire, “Bob and I just became instant brothers, and then art imitates life…I end up doing ‘Full House’ with Bob. And [my character] Joey moves into [Saget’s character] Danny Tanner’s living room and sleeps on his couch.” 

Encouraging listeners, Coulier reminded them of the power of faith and the importance of growing one’s relationship with God. Noting how his faith and laughter has strengthened him and given him his life back, Coulier’s story is inspiring to those who need help themselves or who have someone in their lives who needs help. Coulier reminded all to do what they need to keep faith alive within themselves and never let that fire go out.  


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