German Shepherd Injured by Rocket Blast Becomes Police Dog After “Miracle” Recovery

Credit: shutterstock

A 3-year-old German shepherd, who was severely injured after a rocket blast left half of his face “mangled and bloody,” has joined the Hungarian police department since recovering. According to AP News, Rambo is an inspiration to so many people that despite having a disability, he can do great things. 

Rambo suffered from an attack in northeastern Ukraine’s Kharkiv province during which shrapnel “blew away pieces of skull, damaging his jaw and severely mangling his right ear.” Rambo was rushed to safety in Western Ukraine where Violetta Kovacs, head of the German Shepherd Breed Rescue Foundation, found him and brought him to a rehabilitation center near Budapest. Rambo spent 8 months at the rehabilitation center where “his jaw was reconstructed, his right ear amputated and several teeth removed.” Kovacs explained that Rambo also underwent training to be socialized with other dogs at the center, and they found that he had a fondness for children. 


After he recovered, Rambo was adopted by the Budapest Metropolitan Police where received further training and a home. Gyula Desko, a lieutenant colonel with the Budapest Metropolitan Police, called Rambo’s survival a “miracle” and he is proud to have him on their team. Desko said that working with Rambo requires patience and attention, but added that Rambo is still so open to developing relationships despite the trauma he experienced. 

As Desko pointed out, Rambo is an inspiration to so many who may have suffered from life-changing injuries. As a dog who fought to survive, Rambo’s miraculous journey not only healed his wounds, but also healed his heart and the hearts of others. Through his strength, Rambo has reminded people of the power of hope and determination that comes from the faith that challenges can be overcome.  


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