Girl Scout Troop Organizes a Unique Fundraising Campaign for the Homeless Community

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One Girl Scout Troop has gone above and beyond traditional outreach efforts by organizing a unique way of fundraising. According to The Southside Times, Girl Scout Troop #1733 recognized that one of the problems facing the homeless community was that they were experiencing the brutal cold, and many of them did so without wearing any socks. The Girl Scout Troop did not just raise money to buy socks, or ask for socks alone; instead, they planned two events to perform with socks being the admission tickets. 

Troop leader Shona Moreland explained that she wanted her troop to help people in need, and not just by asking for money or donations, but by putting in their time and hard work to give something back in return and truly earn the donations. After discussing different ways the troop can help their community, they agreed to help the homeless handle the winter time a little easier. For a few of the girls, the cause was meaningful because they experienced homelessness themselves at one point. They chose to call their project “Socks For Homeless” and set a goal to collect between 300-500 socks. 


According to The Southside Times, “two ideas quickly rose to the top as the troop discussed different options: a basketball game and a fashion show. They would hold these events at the Bethel Park Family Center, where they met weekly for troop meetings, and ask for socks in place of any admission price. They began planning immediately and assembling a team of people to help them create events that would promise to deliver an experience far greater than the price of admission.” The girls managed to draw the support of enough people to hold the basketball tournament including volunteer coaches who taught them how to play, along with a scoreboard keeper and a referee. The fashion show was no different in the amount of support they received having help from Priscilla Morton, the former queen of American Elegance Pageant serving as the master of ceremonies, live music performed by a local jazz musician,  a backdrop provided by the owner of From the Heart to You, decorated chairs provided by the owner of Blessed Occasions, and professional lighting and videography provided by the owner of Porch Marketing. 

After hosting both of their events successfully, the troop collected over 600 pairs of socks, exceeding their goal. They plan to distribute the socks to the Indianapolis Homeless Camp and the Wheeler Mission. Moreland shared that through this project, her troop embodied what it means to be a Girl Scout which is to build character and self-confidence through making a commitment to work hard, work together, and give back to the community. 


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