Girls’ Scouting Organization ‘American Heritage Girls’ Celebrates Sanctity of Life Month

Credit: American Heritage Girls

The world’s largest faith-based girls’ scouting organization, American Heritage Girls (AHG), is celebrating Sanctity of Life month by sharing their dedication to teaching young girls ages 5 through 18 about the value of life. According to CBN News, AHG teaches young girls that life is a “precious gift” and shows them the importance of caring for mothers and their babies. The organization provides different resources to promote pro-life values and respect life at every stage. 

According to founder and executive director Patti Garibay, it is important now more than ever to teach young women about the value of life and where life comes from. Garibay said in a statement, “AHG believes that each stage of life is valued in the eyes of God and that advocating for life recognizes the dignity of all humankind […] That’s why our troops earn the Respect Life patch or pin when they participate in any event that brings attention to respecting life, or by providing service to an organization whose mission or purpose demonstrates a desire to respect life, such as pregnancy centers, pro-life groups, and hospices.”


Garibay encourages parents to spend time sharing photos and stories with their daughters of the “precious time” they were being “knit in the womb” including when they heard their heartbeat for the first time. For parents who have adopted, Garibay suggests sharing how God “orchestrated it all.” Additionally, AHG helps families through their blog titled, “Raising Godly Girls” along with a radio feature that gives Biblical guidance on topics such as body image and anxiety. 

Since its founding in 1995, AHG has provided an alternative to the Girl Scouts of America, which Garibay found to be drifting apart from Christian values. There are AHG troops in all 50 states and 15 countries around the world. In AHG, girls learn leadership skills along with the importance of faith while having exemplary role models as they grow up. 


When President Ronald Reagan designated the third Sunday in January as National Sanctity of Human Life Day, he blessed the nation with the opportunity to celebrate life and teach all generations of its value at every stage. Through recognizing this day in her organization, Garibay is continuing to honor Reagan’s legacy by ensuring it does not go unnoticed, and that the sanctity of life is known and understood by every girl of every age who is a member of AHG. 

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