Google Pulls Sponsorship of Drag Performer After Christian Employees Petition

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Google has made a decision to back away from sponsoring a drag performer who disparages Christianity after hundreds of Christian staffers signed a petition condemning the upcoming performance. According to Faithwire, Joshua Grannell, whose stage name is “Peaches Christ,” was slated to perform during an LGBTQ+ Pride event, but his crude and disrespectful performances have been called out, and the company backed away from their sponsorship. 

The petition “accused Google of religious discrimination” for sponsoring a performer who directly mocks the religious beliefs of Christianity. A memo circulated within Google citing that Grannell’s performance would “wrap up this amazing month,” in reference to Pride month, but the memo was rescinded after the petition circulated. Google responded to the petition claiming that the performer was never fully vetted by the company as critical steps in the process of booking events were not followed. 


Faithwire reports that in an email to CNBC, a spokesperson said, We’ve long been very proud to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community. Our Pride celebrations have regularly featured drag artists for many years, including several this year. This particular event was booked by and shared within one team without going through our standard events process.” The spokesperson added that, “While the event organizers have shifted the official team event onsite, the performance will go on at the planned venue — and it’s open to the public, so employees can still attend.”

Google’s response to the concerns raised by Christians in opposition to sponsoring a performer who attacks their religion, reveals that the trend of LGBTQ+ Pride month being embraced by major companies may no longer have its hold over every company. Target and Anheuser-Busch both lost billions of dollars in revenue after they got caught up in boycotts because of their promotions of controversial LGBTQ+ celebrities and merchandise.


There is a reason for all of the hype behind LGBTQ+ Pride month, suggested Becket Cook, a formerly homosexual Hollywood set and fashion designer. Cook told CBN News “the forced cultural embrace of LGBTQ identities is part of an activist agenda.” Cook argued that “one way to kind of get at Christians is to subvert God’s original design for male and female,” adding that “it’s almost like this revenge,” not so much against Christians, but against God. Cook noted that “the trans movement among kids is the most extreme version of that.” 

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