Google Transforms Poland Office to Assist Ukrainian Refugees

Credit: Shutterstock

Google is transforming their office in Poland into a help center for Ukrainian refugees, according to Fortune. In a statement released on Monday, Google shared that they will be using the office space to provide legal and psychological support to Ukrainian refugees, among other assistance. This announcement follows Google’s previous statement that they will provide $10 million to local organizations providing humanitarian aid to refugees arriving in Poland.

Google has been supporting Ukrainian refugees with donations since Russia’s invasion. According to Fortune, Google has also donated $2.6 million to the Polish Center for International Aid Foundation, “an organization which helps evacuate Ukrainian refugees to safe havens and provides transport to and from border areas.” The tech company has shared that they will continue seeking new ways to help Ukrainians. 


According to Google, they opened their first office in Poland fifteen years ago, and are moving forward with their commitment to development today. They are growing their efforts to support Poland’s “digital economy” by investing nearly $700 million in the development of the Warsaw HUB. The additional funding will allow them to hire 2,500 employees and contribute to other areas of growth. 

Recognizing the need for humanitarian aid for Ukrainians, Google has stepped up their efforts in Poland where refugees are arriving since fleeing their homeland. Google shared that as the needs of Ukrainians change, they will work to meet them the best they can. 


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