GOP Fights to Maintain Critical Defense Spending, Cut “Wokeness” From Budget

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As Russia and China continue to make threats, the United States Congress is considering budget cuts that will impact defense spending. According to the Washington Free Beacon, while Republicans warn against cutting any part of the budget that fuels military might, they are eyeing to defund “woke” operations within the Defense Department that use a significant amount of money for a useless, if not outright harmful, agenda. 

Since Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) conceded to Republican holdouts during the House speakership fight, it has been agreed upon that $130 billion will be cut from spending, which could impact “traditionally isolated agencies like the Defense Department.” This agreement has alarmed some who are concerned about not being able to meet increasing military demands as Russia and China continue to challenge world relations. 


McCarthy has vowed not to cut any part of the defense budget that would impact “war-fighting capabilities,” focusing instead on “wokeism.” The woke agenda, championed by the Biden administration, has included diversity and inclusion training, the introduction of Critical Race Theory books in the Navy, and mandated “gender identity trainings” in the Army and the Navy. 

Republicans like Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) warned against cutting any essential military spending amid the threat of war. Still, Banks would support cutting parts of the budget that he says weakens the military such as the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Defense Department. Such action would strengthen the military, noting that “”wokeness is weakness, and defunding these far-left ideologies will boost cohesion, retention, and morale and make our military stronger.”


While some Democrats are likely to erupt in outrage over cutting “woke” spending over actual military necessities, some Republicans may propose to not cut the budget, but redirect funds towards better equipping our military instead. 

The effort to modernize America’s military and boost military production lines is crucial to maintaining America’s strength and power as adversaries focus on growing their military capabilities hoping to be able to compete with American might. 

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