Government Shutdown Looms After Failure to Reach Budget Deal

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A government shutdown is a looming threat as lawmakers left the Capitol on Thursday without making a deal on the budget. According to The Hill, many lawmakers are preparing their offices and constituents for a possible shutdown. The deadline to prevent a shutdown is just over one week, leaving some to think a shutdown may come. 

The Hill reports Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) said “Many of our offices have been talking about how to make sure that our staff is going to be able to survive because the [legislative] branch appropriations budget hasn’t been passed, which means, while our staff will continue to work as essential workers, they won’t necessarily get paid.”


Some lawmakers have issued bonuses to their staff in preparation for a shutdown to help see them through the rough patch of not getting a paycheck for a while. 

A month-long government shutdown took place a few years ago under the Trump administration when the Democratic-led House fought with the administration over funding for a border wall. The shutdown impacted hundreds of thousands of federal workers. 


Amid rising concerns, a group of bipartisan House members worked out “a potential escape hatch on spending, endorsing a plan to temporarily fund the government along with a host of potential add-ons designed to attract support from both sides,” reported The Hill. “At least two moderate Republicans have indicated they are willing to work with Democrats to force a vote on an alternate plan if their own party can’t achieve a [continuing resolution] vote.”

While some members of Congress are hopeful that the September 30 deadline will be met, others are wary that a government shutdown will occur if the votes do not come in. 

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