Hallmark Actress Relaunches ‘Camp Christmas in July’ to Help Children in Foster Care

Credit: Shutterstock

Actress Jen Lilley, known for her roles on the Hallmark Channel, is helping to bring Christmas in July to foster children through her ‘Camp Christmas’ campaign, according to CBN News. The initiative aims to give children in foster care the school items they will need for the upcoming school year. With the success of her ‘Christmas is Not Cancelled’ initiative which raises money for children in need, Lilley is looking forward to another year of this successful venture to support children that reminds them that they are loved and cared for all year round. 

‘Camp Christmas’ in July is an exciting initiative that includes comedic games nights and virtual get-togethers with celebrities all while a few thousand backpacks are being filled with school supplies for the children in foster care. CBN News reports that Lilley told the Hallmark Channel, “kids who are at risk, homeless, or in foster care, so many of them say school is their safe place,” adding that “so many of them don’t graduate high school, so it’s really important to set them up for success.” 


Lilley’s love for helping children in foster care extends to her own family of which she and her husband, Jason Wayne, have adopted three children. A surprise pregnancy also blessed her home with a new baby girl. Lilley shared that the opportunity presented itself to explain the love of adoption to her other children as her oldest son began asking questions about Lilley’s pregnancy experience with him, and she is happy to have the chance to share their family story. 

Reminding children in foster care that they are remembered, loved, and cared for is what makes ‘Camp Christmas’ a special and essential project. The backpacks filled with school supplies will not only help the children feel prepared and more confident going into the new school year, it also gives them hope and faith. Filling the children’s backpacks with supplies and their hearts with love, Lilley and those working to make ‘Camp Christmas’ possible are making a tremendous difference in the lives of children who now will look forward to their new school year. Registration for this year’s ‘Camp Christmas’ opens June 15. 


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