Harvard Law Student Shares Her Faithful Journey on Campus

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A student at Harvard Law School, Marianna Marques, has shared her faith with peers by publishing a blog about her journey with God, according to CBN News. Marques believes that God is present on the campus that is largely seen as “secular and elite” today. Being able to share her story through the Admissions blog, “Student Voices,” Marques seized the opportunity to let prospective students know that there is a presence of faith on the campus at Harvard Law School. 

Marques responded to the university’s request to include differing perspectives to be shared with potential students using her voice as one that believes in God and His plan. With many perceiving the university to have little influence from God, Marques wanted to let everyone know that there is a “spiritual side” on campus. Her journey to law school was not taken on her own as Marques, who originally studied pre-med in undergrad, explained that putting her trust and faith in God’s plan led her to the university. 


According to Marques, “finding our voice is powerful. My voice in particular does not come from me, from the news I watch, from the people I follow, or even from my friends or family. My life belongs to Jesus Christ, so I choose to allow Him to speak through me.” She added that one of her breakthrough moments in changing her future was when she realized that she “lacked faith and wanted control,” which then led her to “consult with God” to find the true path for her life’s journey. 

Sharing her faith through the university’s website was a bold and courageous move by Marques. Though her article received positive feedback, there was also “pushback” which she had anticipated. Still, knowing that her message would not be welcomed by everyone did not stop Marques from telling her story and sharing her faith on campus. Providing an opportunity for spiritual conversations on campus may change the perception of Harvard Law School that is widely accepted today, and attract new students who are seeking a career in law with God by their side.


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