Hershey Stirs Outrage Promoting Trans Agenda During Women’s History Month

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The Hershey Company has brought intense criticism upon themselves after they have chosen to feature a biological male on the HER Hershey bars in their Canadian advertising campaign during Women’s History Month. Although the male identifies as a transgendered woman, Fae Johnstone, many argue that Johnstone’s inclusion in the women’s month campaign undermines the women who will be featured for their accomplishments breaking through real gender barriers. According to Faithwire, many in the United States are calling to boycott Hershey in response to their promotion of transgenderism and trans sexuality.

Those outraged over the decision took to Twitter to express their frustration. One Twitter user wrote, “so lets have a trans woman (man) representing women on International Womens Day. You couldn’t make it up. Well I suppose men are winning all the women category sports sections now so whats the difference.” 


Abigail Shrier, author of Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters, tweeted “You get the feeling that these companies *always* despised women — they were just waiting for the right moment to stick it to us,” adding that “Here’s the thing about real women, Hersheys: we have long memories.”

Reactions are not only limited to calling the company out for their action, but threats to boycott the company have also been trending. Some have used the hashtag #GoWokeGoBroke to warn companies who “cave into the woke agenda” that doing so will cause financial woes as a significant portion of their customers will no longer buy their products. The same warning was issued to Disney upon their release of “woke” films that tanked in the box office. 


CBN News reached out to The Hershey Company for comment who released the statement, “we value togetherness and recognize the strength created by diversity. Over the past three years, our Women’s History Month programming has been an inclusive celebration of women and their impact. We appreciate the countless people and meaningful partnerships behind these efforts. – The Hershey Company.”

The Hershey Company is joining a long list of corporations that are embracing the agenda of the radical left and pushing it onto their consumers. When companies like Disney and Hershey, who appeal to children, push the LGBTQ agenda on them, many loyal customers find their support waning. Still, finding alternatives to these staple companies is difficult, and it leaves the question open of whether any boycott or bad press will really harm the company. 


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