HGTV Star Page Turner Shares How She Discovered Her Faith and How it Guides Her Work

Credit: Page Turner

HGTV host Page Turner shared how she discovered her faith after growing up in an agnostic household and how she came to understand it deeper through working on her show, “FIx My Flip.” In an interview with CBN’s Faithwire, Turner explained that she found her relationship with God in her twenties and it has been growing stronger ever since. Building a foundation of faith, Turner shared that it is just as important to maintain communication with God through the good times as it is in times of struggle which is why she spends time praying throughout each day. 

According to Faithwire, Turner was not raised “knowing the Lord,” growing up in an “agnostic household with a mother who believed in ‘a higher power’ and dabbled in Hinduism but never truly encountered God.” However, after she was sent to a Catholic all-girls high school, Turner explained that her experience there is what started her journey coming to know God and building a relationship with Him. For a time, she noted, she did not see her relationship with God “outside of religion,” but now that she has, she has come to understand the Lord and herself even more. 


Regarding her HGTV show, “Fix My Flip,” Turner related her faithful experience to seeking help and receiving help from a place of humbleness. She explained that on her show she tries to help house-flippers struggling with a project by offering her expertise, but not everyone is welcoming of her help and advice. Understanding how “pride and ego” can cause people to pull away from God, she turns to prayer to help her stay on a path that is positive and humble. Turner explained the importance of maintaining communication with God through prayer when things are going well because then “when that challenging time comes, you won’t feel so disconnected from Him – because He’s never disconnected from us.” 

Sharing her journey of faith, Turner is an inspirational figure to people who may be struggling to find their relationship with God and understand how to maintain communication with Him from a place of acceptance and humility. It is never too late to develop a relationship with God, and once it is found, it can be strengthened with prayer and attention. As she continues to support house-flippers in their learning experience, Turner has found that she too continues to learn and grow with each experience she has alongside her faith and prayer. 


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