High School Student Launches Fundraiser to Honor Local Veterans

Credit: Shutterstock

From Memorial Day through Veterans Day, one high school junior, Grant Vialardi, is fundraising for veterans through his own self-made business of fixing up old watches and cameras to resell. According to Hamlet Hub, Vialardi will donate one hundred percent of the proceeds from the sale of the fixed items to benefit local veterans during this time. He is calling the initiative ‘Project Honor’ and hopes to raise money and awareness to help local veterans whose service to America Vialardi wants his community to recognize. 

Vialardi shared that he wants to honor his grandfather who enlisted in the Army because serving America was important to him. Vialardi wants to extend the recognition of his grandfather’s courage and sacrifice to all local veterans who served their country. Through his initiative, Vialardi wants his community to be engaged in recognizing, remembering, and helping their local heroes. 


According to Hamlet Hub, Vialardi has always had an interest in “how things work,” and began exploring that with his grandfather who was an aerospace engineer who developed an impressive thirteen patents. During the pandemic, Vialardi taught himself how to fix watches and cameras by watching YouTube videos and has turned it into a business by purchasing the items at auction and reselling them online. 

In partnership with the Lewisboro Veteran’s Advisory Committee, Vialardi turned his business into one that is helping heroes. With donation boxes set up around his community, Vialardi is giving locals a chance to give back to those who gave so much to them by keeping America safe. From Memorial Day through Veterans Day, Vialardi is not only raising money to honor our nation’s heroes, but raising awareness to his peers and community of those we honor in America for their bravery, sacrifice, and service to protect our country. 


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