Historic Upstate New York Church Listed For $100K With Goal to Restore

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A historic church in upstate New York is for sale for $100,000 with the hopes that someone will restore the 160-year-old structure to its original beauty. According to FOX News, St. Joseph’s Church in Albany closed in the 1990s and though it needs renovations, the structure is still intact and still features stunning stained glass. 

Associate real estate broker with NAI Platform, William F. “Felton” McLaughlin, shared that “the cheap price has the phone ringing off the hook.” Still, the amount of renovations the building needs to be properly restored would make it a multi-million dollar investment in reality. 


The building is permitted for other uses in addition to place of worship including a day care center, beauty salon, barber shop, community centers, and multifamily dwelling. Other conditional uses of the church include a nursing home, hospital,  bed-and-breakfast, and a school. 

The church has a long history including an appearance in motion pictures. In 1987, the church was used as a location for the film ‘Ironweed’ which starred Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep. 


Still what is most impressive to some about the church is its historic preservation. Anton Pasquill, McLaughlin’s real estate partner, told Fox News Digital that having the opportunity to be part of this preservation project as a resident is “pretty exciting,” noting that it is a desired undertaking as many abandoned churches across America remain vacant for so long. McLaughlin explained that whoever buys the property is expected to begin restoring it quickly, and city officials will help the buyer find funding on an as needed basis. 

While showings of the church are scheduled for this week, McLaughlin shared that there are verified potential buyers with experience developing such properties. The prospect of having the historic church restored is giving members of the community something to look forward to that will restore dignity to the beautiful structure.

Rebuilding an abandoned historic church is symbolic in many ways. While the vacant building sat lifeless for so long, a renovation will breathe new life into the structure which will soon be adorned with new fixtures, new furniture, and then some. The project will also give a new sense of hope to members of the surrounding community who will witness the church’s transformation from a neglected building into a blossoming beacon of light. 

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