Hit TV Show ‘Yellowstone’ Donates to Relief Efforts in Response to National Park Flooding

Credit: Shutterstock

The hit television show Yellowstone is lending a helping hand to its namesake national park as they cope with the aftermath of severe flooding. According to Southern Living, through their official Twitter account, Yellowstone announced that they are donating to the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation which is currently undertaking relief efforts in response to the floods. With the production of season five underway, the team from the Paramount Network show is offering their support and encouraging others to support relief efforts as well. 

Southern Living reports “heavy rains and rapid snowmelt caused rivers to swell suddenly, swallowing homes and roadways, toppling utility grids, and forcing the evacuation of more than 10,000 visitors at Yellowstone National Park earlier this week. On Tuesday evening, the National Park Service announced that the entire park will be closed at least through June 19 and that heavily damaged northern sections in Montana will likely remain shuttered for a ‘substantial length of time.’”


In their efforts to aid relief and recovery, the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation is donating to the Carbon County Disaster Relief Fund to help support emergency management and disaster relief in the area. According to their website, the funds will be used to “support efforts to manage the flooding, affected individual and family emergency needs, and future recovery efforts.” The foundation also highlighted the “resilient” community that all came together helping one another save what they can and stop the flooding where possible. 

With many people losing their homes and their neighborhoods torn apart as a result of this natural disaster, humanitarian aid is greatly needed as clean-up and rebuilding efforts are underway. Taking to social media, the highly popular series Yellowstone has not only helped by making their own donations to a great cause, they are also helping to raise awareness of the impact the flooding has made on the area. The acknowledgement and donations to those who are in need of help is giving them the hope they need to find their strength and faith to recover and rebuild. 


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