Hope Seeds Helps Grow Gardens in Undernourished Communities

Credit: Hope Seeds International

Hope Seeds International is a nonprofit organization that helps undernourished people around the world by providing them with the seeds to grow their own food. Since 1999, Hope Seeds has distributed over 10 million packets of seeds, served over 60 countries in addition to more than 400 Christian missionaries and organizations. Being able to establish a long-term solution to hunger, instead of only relying on donated non-perishables, Hope Seeds is helping families build a more secure future for themselves with nutritious food pertinent to their climate. 

According to YourObserver, the Christ Church of Longboat Key has been working with the ministry for five years and packed 86,000 seeds in 2021. They kicked off the new year with 30 volunteers packing more than 3,500 seeds on January 24. The packages of seeds will be sent to Haiti which was just impacted by a 5.3 magnitude earthquake.


Sending quality seeds to grow food empowers those in need and strengthens their hope that their situations will continuously improve through their own work. Through the program of Hope Seeds International, recipients of the seeds are taught gardening methods specifically for children and adults, seed-saving, and nutrition. The program also includes Gospel tracts within the seed packets to share in God’s Word and blessings. 

Agronomist Josias Romeus from Hope Seeds Haiti shared, “I have 100 children in Bible Garden School. These children are the hope for Haiti. They are learning about God as they learn how to grow food. Haiti is a very difficult place for children, they need to learn techniques to grow food for their future and their families. Growing food is a necessity in Haiti. Having a garden begins with seeds, good seeds, and the knowledge what to do with that seed. Seed is Life!” Other testimonials include thanking Hope Seeds for giving hope and encouragement to those receiving the packets, and for introducing them to new types of plants and sources of food. 


While donations of non-perishables certainly bring relief to those who are hungry, giving them the ability to maintain at least a portion of their own food supply is a gift that will sustain them in the long-term. Teaching one how to be independent is truly empowering and motivates them to keep learning more and sharing what they have learned with others. Through faith, Hope Seeds International is bringing incredible optimism to the people they help as they build a relationship with God, and grow their knowledge of gardening and nutrition to feed their families. 

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