House Oversight Committee Reveals Troubling Business Dealings Between the Biden Family and Foreign Nationals

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Rep. James Comer (R -KY), the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, revealed details from the committee’s investigation into the Biden family’s shady business dealings. Fox News reports that the committee found that the Biden family and their business associates created over 20 companies and received more than $10 million from foreign nationals during the time that Joe Biden served as Vice President. The committee suggested that some payments may have been done by the Biden family to “peddle influence.” 

The evidence suggesting that the Biden family engaged in business dealings with foreign nationals who wanted to influence the United States policies proves worrisome. One example is that of Romania where the committee discovered what appears to have been a scheme to influence a criminal probe. Another example is dealings with China which were believed to be “potential threats to American national security.”


Comer further explained that the committee believes the Biden family made careful attempts to cover up their business dealings. He referred to the steps the Biden’s appeared to have taken to “conceal the source and total amount received from the foreign companies” with whom they dealt. It was revealed that the Biden family used the companies of their business associates to funnel money from foreign companies to themselves that they received in “incremental payments over time to different bank accounts.” 

As part of the committee’s investigation, they have subpoenaed four different banks and received “thousands of records” in response to their request. The subpoenas were specific to the individuals and companies believed to be engaging in business with the Biden’s and their associates. Investigators discovered that small incremental deposits were unnecessarily made in the Biden family’s bank accounts, which further suggests an effort to conceal shady dealings. 


It was reported that Chinese nationals and companies “with significant ties to Chinese intelligence and the Chinese Communist Party hid the source of the funds by layering domestic limited liability companies.” According to Fox News, the memo said that “the Biden family and associates’ activities in coordination with Chinese nationals and their corporate entities appear to be an attempt to engage in financial deception […] multiple Biden family members received money from the Chinese after it passed through the Robinson Walker, LLC account,” one of the companies created by Hunter Biden and his associates.

In response to the committee’s efforts to hold the Biden’s accountable, the White House slammed the investigation as nothing more than a politically motivated venture. Still, the committee is vowing to continue their investigation in an effort to “[root] out fraud, waste, and abuse that exist at the highest level of the federal government.”

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