Iran Not Expected to Strike Back After Israel’s Retaliatory Attack

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Iran is not expected to retaliate after what sources are saying was Israel’s retaliatory strike on Friday, according to Reuters. Tehran has reportedly “played down” the strikes with the media only reporting on “a small number of explosions” by “infiltrators.” Not naming Israel as the responsible party appears to be a strategy to avoid a large-scale war on both sides. The “limited” attack and Iran’s decision to sit back has given relief to those concerned that a war would ensue in its aftermath.



According to sources, Israel is responding to Iran’s attack last weekend which was the first ever direct attack on Israel by Iran. The attack did not lead to any deaths after Israel and its allies intercepted the hundreds of missiles and drones sent towards them. While diplomats around the world are urging calm, Israel is committed to defending itself in the aftermath of the deadly October 7 terror attack by Hamas and other threats by Iranian proxy terror groups.



Allies, including the United States, have urged Israel to calculate its response. At a press conference in Italy, United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that he would not comment on Friday’s attack, and reinforced the United States’ interest in Israel’s security but noted that the United States would not join in offensive operations. 


Although some in Israel are pushing for a stronger response to Iran, others are sure that a show of Israel’s capabilities is enough to quell the tension, at least for now. Israel has not signaled any signs of further retaliation, but it is noted that other forms of warfare can also be used such as cyberattacks or attacks on Iranian proxies rather than the mainland.


Israel remains committed to its fight to eliminate Hamas terrorists in Gaza after they launched a bloody massacre, taking the lives of more than 1,200 innocent civilians in Israel and more than 240 hostages. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to see the fight against Hamas through to the end as they prepare to take out the terror group’s last stronghold in Rafah despite outside pressure, including from the United States, to prematurely end their mission. 

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