Israel Launches Project to Document Hamas Hostage Accounts For Future Generations

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Israel is launching a new project to remember the victims of Hamas’ October 7 terror attack who were kidnapped and taken hostage, according to CBN News. The project, which is being launched by Israel’s Government Press Office (GPO), will focus primarily on the sexual abuse victims suffered before and during captivity. 



Director of the GPO, Nitzan Chen, explained that the project was started because of the importance of recording firsthand experiences and personal stories for future generations not to forget the evil that consumed Hamas that day as they ruthlessly murdered, kidnapped, tortured, and raped innocent civilians of all ages. 



Chen knows that if the atrocity is not documented, there will be people who will deny October 7 ever happened. Unfortunately, that has already happened, as those blinded by either their support for terrorists or for their anti-Israel advocacy have vehemently denied that Hamas terrorists would ever do anything evil to Israelis. 


“The GPO took footage and testimonies from all the hostages that arrived in the first step a few months ago to make sure that, first of all, the foreign media will know exactly, know what is going on with this (about) Hamas’ horrible activities that they do in the jails (captivity). But, also for the next generation,” Chen explained. 


In one testimony, a woman whose husband was being held by Hamas terrorists was taken on Vespa, knocked in the head nearly unconscious and later ordered to shower and remain naked by the terrorist who said, “I’m coming to check you out if you have a chip in your body.”


Another hostage, Louis, who was rescued by the IDF shared that part of his story where he felt immediate relief once IDF soldiers liberated him.  CBN News writes, “As one who had always believed in the possibility of co-existence with the Palestinians, Louis says being in captivity convinced him otherwise – that co-existence just isn’t possible.”

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