Israeli Soldier Urges World to Stop Getting News From a TikTok Video

Credit: shutterstock

An Israeli businessman who was recently called back to reserve duty for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is speaking out about the disturbing treatment of Israel and Israeli soldiers who suffered, and continues to suffer, under the inhumane barbarism unleashed by the evil monsters of Hamas on innocent civilians two months ago. According to Faithwire, Itai Schimmel, shared his frustration with media coverage and the blatant lies he is seeing disparaging Israel and praising Hamas terrorists. 

Describing his reaction to the anti-Semitism and anti-Israel sentiment sweeping across the glove, Schimmel said, “I try and spend a lot of time trying to understand where someone can be coming from, that they can be so filled with hatred for people that they don’t even know, that they would find it justified to go down and rip down posters of babies that had been kidnapped, a woman who’d been raped and murdered,” adding that “the concept of that is so twisted and so immoral and so evil.”


Schimmel called out the media coverage that is misleading people in order to foster anti-Semitic and anti-Israel sentiment. “There’s so many blatant lies,” he said, reflecting on the narrative the media us pushing about Israel and the Jewish people which has left many fearful for their lives across the globe. 

Calling out the common use of social platforms such as TikTok as news sources, Schimmel said “one cannot watch ‘a couple of TikToks and Instagram videos and think you know everything and just hear one lecture and one speaker and think you now know enough to then go out into the street and start spreading hate.’” He acknowledged that the conflict in the Middle East is “very complex,” and urged people to educate themselves on it before forming opinions based on unreliable sources. 


Defending Israel and Israeli soldiers who have been wrongly characterized by pro-Hamas media outlets, Schimmel reminded his audience that this is a fight between good and evil. Schimmel said, “In Israel, no one celebrates death of any innocent…Every time a Palestinian or someone in Gaza, a woman, a child, or any innocent man or whoever it is, dies as a result of this war, no one here is happy … no one celebrates that; it saddens us.”

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