J.T. Realmuto Thanks God as Team Goes to the MLB World Series

Credit: Shutterstock

As the Philadelphia Phillies head to the World Series taking on the Houston Astros, one player is sharing his thanks to God for having the opportunity to play in the series. Catcher J.T. Realmuto is praising God’s blessings for being able to play a sport he loves for a living and for being part of such a strong team. With Realmuto’s profession of faith, he is helping to spread God’s love to fans and other athletes. 

In a moment that he’ll remember forever, Realmuto stayed grounded and remembered the blessings of his faith. According to CBN News, after the Phillies earned their place in the World Series, Realmuto, who is seen as one of the best catchers in baseball, said, “I feel so lucky right now…so blessed to be in this position. I thank God for giving me this opportunity to play this wonderful game for a living.” 


Realmuto is outspoken about his faith, even his Twitter bio states, “Following Jesus Christ and chasing the dream!” Appearing on the ‘Faith and Field Show’ podcast, Realmuto explained the prevalence of God in his life and the importance of his faith. He said, “it’s extremely important to me in life to know that the first thing I am … before I’m a father, before I’m a baseball player, the No. 1 thing I am is a follower of Christ.” He inspired listeners to also follow Christ by explaining how it brings him peace. Realmuto shared that as problems and worries build up, he relies on his relationship with Christ and he feels much more able to get through. 

When athletes share their faith and how it brings them joy, peace, and gratitude, they inspire others to also seek faith. In a world where pressures mount, remembering one’s relationship with God can help athletes cope in positive and healthy ways. Reminding fans and athletes of God’s love and blessings, Realmuto is serving as a role model for others and will continue to inspire them as he competes in the World Series. 


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