Jennifer Garner and ‘Save the Children’ Provide Relief in Kentucky After Destructive Flooding

Credit: Save the Children US

Last weekend, actress Jennifer Garner, who is a trustee with the charitable organization Save the Children, joined Today correspondent Cynthia McFadden to tour an elementary school in Kentucky after catastrophic flooding devastated the area, leaving the school to be declared a ‘total loss’ as floors were covered in mud and water, and the building was left in shambles. The emotional visit revealed the extended effects that severe flooding has on an area, which goes beyond clearing streets and cleaning homes to recovering local businesses, schools, and other places of significance to residents. According to Southern Living, Garner praised the residents for their strength in rebuilding their homes in the wake of the flooding, and shared that residents are grateful for the community coming together to help each other. 

Garner, who is in the middle of filming, flew across the country to go to Kentucky bringing relief supplies with her to help the people. Garner, who grew up in West Virginia, not far from the area that flooded, shared that the people of Kentucky will continue to need help as the effects of flooding unfold. Garner is particularly concerned with the children who have lost their school and need basic necessities such as food, water, and shelter. Save the Children is one of the many organizations on the ground providing relief and recovery in the form of bringing essential supplies. 


Save the Children offers relief aid to meet the most immediate needs and those that are long term for families and communities. The humanitarian organization has staff on the ground in Kentucky distributing essential items such as water, hygiene kits, diapers, wipes, and they are delivering meals to hard-to-reach areas that have been impacted by the flooding. In addition to life-saving supplies, Save the Children is also providing activity kits, games, and toys to children staying in shelters. 

Sending humanitarian assistance to people in need after a natural disaster is crucial in saving lives and giving people who just lost nearly everything a little hope. According to the residents Garner spoke with, the endless supply of help they have received is humbling and greatly appreciated. With organizations such as Save the Children, Samaritan’s Purse, and World Central Kitchen who are providing essential supplies, emotional support, and hot meals, among numerous other organizations, the people of Kentucky can begin to heal as they recover from the devastation and destruction from this storm. 


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