Jennifer Garner Packs Bagged Lunches in Most Recent ‘Act of Kindness’

Credit: Shutterstock

With her latest “random act of kindness,” actress Jennifer Garner packed bagged lunches in decorated paper bags complete with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, cookies, water, snacks, and fruit, according to People. In her Instagram post, Garner thanked the two organizations that inspired her to make the lunches, Hang Out Do Good and Hollywood Food Coalition. Though this was her first time making bagged lunches, Garner shared that it will not be the last.

Serving as part of her inspiration, Hollywood Food Coalition is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving nutritious meals to “low-income and food-insecure persons.” The organization has several avenues of doing their good work including hosting community dinners, community exchanges, and encouraging community wellness. Not only do they provide meals for the hungry, Hollywood Food Coalition also engages vulnerable communities in support services that include providing essentials and meeting basic survival needs. For instance, they provide clothing, blankets, hygiene products, laundry vouchers, along with medical and vision care with mobile clinics, and they even connect people with numerous assistance programs. 


Packing these bagged lunches was just one of many ways Garner has given back to her community, according to People. She recently shared an Instagram post in which she filled ziploc bags with essential items including thick socks, tissues, toothbrushes, chapstick, hand wipes, granola bars, money, and other hygiene products. Additionally, she has most recently delivered homemade cookies to a medical center and purchased coffee for Starbucks customers. 

Garner, who stars in The Adam Project, is not just inspiring others to do good, but motivating them to do so by showing how one can do it right in their own kitchen. Generosity is a blessing for those able to give and for those who receive as it unites communities on compassionate grounds. With each project, Garner shows that no matter the act of kindness, a tremendous difference is made in someone’s life who upon receiving the help and care, may also receive newfound hope and encouragement.  


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