Johnny Cash’s Son Shares Insight Into His Father’s Strong Christian Faith

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John Carter Cash, son of country music legend Johnny Cash, recently shared with CBN’s Faithwire insight into his father’s strong faith while discussing his new book Walking the Line: 90 Devotions of Truth and Hope Based on the Faith of Johnny Cash. The book is a compilation of Johnny Cash’s spiritual quotes revealing how important God and the Bible were to him. In his interview, John Carter Cash shared that writing this book was important to him because many of his father’s fans express how much they were helped by Johnny Cash throughout troubled times in their lives, and John hopes that they will continue to seek his father’s advice on “living a more Christian life.”

John shared that despite their gleaming popularity, his father and mother were “down-to-earth” people and his father had a “great sense of humility” and sense of humor. Johnny Cash set an example of what mattered most in life to his son which was God, and “love and respect for family and forgiveness.” John told Faithwire, “I remember what my father stood for. I remember his face…I remember the beauty that he carried at those times of hardship, and then it helps me find it within myself.”


Although Johnny Cash faced struggles in his life, particularly towards the end, his son explained that his belief in God and faith “helped carry him” through difficult times, and no matter what “he would always ‘come back…full circle,’” if ever he erred off course. John shared how his father’s faithful journey continues to inspire him in his life when he faces hardships of his own, and turning to faith, believing in God’s love and God’s Word, is part of the special example his father set for him. 

In his interview, John shared that he chose to write and release his book to help inspire others, especially those who have turned to his father in times of need. Now, when people need advice, guidance, or encouragement, they not only can turn to Johnny Cash’s music, but also listen to his faithful words that helped guide him throughout his life. With this book, those who may identify with Johnny Cash’s struggles can find hope and strength through his relationship with God as they may be inspired to build their own faithful relationship on which they can rely. 


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