Kentucky Church Raises $145K Hosting Bake Sale for Ukrainians

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Members of the Ukrainian Pentecostal Church of Nicholasville in Kentucky have raised $145,000 to help Ukrainian refugees by hosting a bake sale, according to The Christian Post. With members of all ages making baked goods to sell and the outpouring of support they received, the bake sale was a tremendous success and proved that actions no matter how big or small can make a difference. 

The money raised through the bake sale is being donated to churches in Ukraine with connections to the Nicholasville congregation of which nearly all members have family living in Ukraine or are from there themselves. The funding will support the purchase of supplies including food to be distributed to the western part of Ukraine and to Poland. 


Victor Selepina, the organizer of the bake sale, told The Christian Post that the amount of money raised through the bake sale was unplanned as they “never anticipated” having so many people show up to support the effort. He explained that the community of the church “has been absolutely wonderful,” adding that they have been blessed to have the opportunity to hold such events. Selepina noted that there were around 100 baked goods donated for the event, and is grateful that the congregation came together in support of each other and of Ukraine. 

According to The Christian Post, churches across the United States have been organizing efforts to support Ukraine in a variety of ways. For instance, Saint Andrew Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Maryland held bazaars to sell clothes, jewelry, Ukrainian flags and food to raise money for donations. Additionally, churches around the country have held meal-packing events to send to Ukraine through humanitarian aid organizations. 


Anyone can make a measurable difference in the lives of others no matter how near or far, and no matter how big or small the contribution. For the congregation of the Ukrainian Pentecostal Church of Nicholasville, a chance to show support and take action to help their brothers and sisters in need was fully embraced. Members of the church proved that when compassionate hearts join together to work as a team, the outcome of their efforts can go beyond expectations and become a powerful and impactful force for good. 

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