Kentucky Mothers Donate Breast Milk to Help Feed Babies in Their Community

Credit: Shutterstock

Mothers in Kentucky are coming to the aid of others to help feed babies as the formula shortage crisis rages on. Amid the ongoing crisis, mothers are stepping up to donate extra milk to help care for babies in their community. According to WYMT, the nonprofit The Milk Bank which has partnered with the Kentucky Blood Center, is providing breast milk to mothers who now are turning to donors to help feed their babies. 

The Milk Bank, which sends about 80% of the breast milk they receive from donors to the NICU in hospitals, explained that now there is a higher demand for breast milk. The Milk Bank shared that they have already had 63 donors in their community step up and donate extra milk to feed the babies so they do not have to go without food and nutrition. The Milk Bank Advancement Director, Jenna Streit, shared that it is incredible that mothers who are giving so much of themselves already are willing, ready, and able to give more. 


The baby formula shortage has led to empty shelves and panic among parents who are worried about where they will find formula to feed their babies. After Abbott’s factory was forced to temporarily shut down after a breach of safety protocols, the shortage has only been growing worse. Traveling for hours to find any kind of formula and seeking alternatives are among the only options many parents have at the current time. 

Kentucky has six centers where mothers can donate the breast milk which is then processed for consumption. Mothers donating their breast milk are saving lives and providing relief to other mothers who have turned to donors for help to give their babies the nutrients they need to grow and survive. 


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