Kentucky Pastor Gives Hope and Relief to Community After Devastating Flooding

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Kentucky pastor Brad Stevens of the Church of God Worship Center in Clay County is bringing emotional and spiritual support to residents who have been affected by the catastrophic flooding that occurred a few weeks ago. According to The Christian Post, Stevens has been someone Kentuckians have been speaking with to get some type of relief amid all of the loss and devastation. From praying with them to being someone who listens, Stevens is letting the residents of Kentucky know that they are not alone and reminding them of the importance of relying on faith, hope, and prayer. 

Being a voice of sensitivity and compassion, Stevens recognizes that the people of Kentucky are in a state of shock. Many are trying to piece their lives back together after losing their homes, their livelihoods, and for some, losing loved ones. In addition to providing a voice of hope and an ear to those who need to speak, Stevens is also using donations from his church to help with relief and recovery efforts which he says he will continue to do as long as he sees the need.  


Stevens shared, “there has been a lot of prayer and just being there for them. And I’ve seen that it has been beneficial for some people when I don’t say anything and just let them talk and share their experiences. It’s like it gives them a sense of relief to be able to just talk to somebody. And you can almost sense the anxiety leaving as they get out what they haven’t been able to speak about. So, we’ve just been an ear to listen,” adding that “other times, you know, we’re called to counsel and pray and try to do what we can to encourage and help them.”

Reminding Kentuckians to rely on the Lord’s strength like he does, Stevens is helping them take each step towards recovery one day at a time. He shared that the community’s support for one another is a blessing and he sees God’s amazing work in the compassion, generosity, and empathy that is shining a light throughout eastern Kentucky. 


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