Kids Work Lemonade Stands to Raise Money for Important Causes

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Across the country, lemonade stands are popping up to raise money for important causes. According to CBN News, young kids are selling lemonade to help fundraise for friends they know with illnesses, local charities, a foster care organization, and an animal welfare organization. At a young age, these children have become role models in their communities as they engage in acts of kindness that draw on their compassion and generosity to help others. 

One ten-year-old girl in Colorado is raising money for a friend who needs surgery due to liver sickness. At 6:00 in the morning, Zakyrah goes out with her brother to work the lemonade stand. Explaining the reason for her lemonade stand, Zakyrah told CBS4 News that “in God’s love, the best thing to do is be there and help her. This is me showing my love so she can get the surgery she needs.”


Isaiah 117 House, a ministry that cares for children awaiting foster placement, is also working lemonade stands to raise money for their cause. One volunteer explained that they are raising the money to build another house for foster children which gives them a more comfortable and welcoming place to stay while waiting to be placed in foster care. In Knoxville, Tennessee, Isaiah 117 House held its annual Lemonade Stand Challenge on the weekend of July 15 through July 17 to raise money and awareness. 

In Maryland, a group of kids set up a lemonade and snow cone stand to fundraise for the Trappe Volunteer Fire Department and Trappe Little League, according to The Star Democrat. On an average day, the group makes more than $345 all of which goes to the charities they choose. Also helping local causes is a family in Virginia that has set up a lemonade stand to raise money for medical care that four neglected huskies dogs need, according to WVEC News


Learning about the importance of helping others is essential as children grow up, and engaging in acts of kindness further guides their moral compass. For the children setting up lemonade stands, their goal is selfless as they donate their proceeds to others in need. Through their generosity, these children are not just learning about what it means to give financial support to others, but also what it means to give people hope and faith. 


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