Kirk Cameron and the Kendrick Brothers Discuss New Pro-Life Film

Credit: March for Life

A new pro-life film titled ‘Lifemark’ is in production bringing an inspiring personal story to the big screen, according to The Christian Post. A collaboration between Kirk Cameron and filmmakers Alex and Stephen Kendrick, ’Lifemark’ is a special feature film that “celebrates the sanctity of life.” Cameron, whose passion for pro-life advocacy has brought great strides to the movement, discussed the upcoming film at January’s annual March for Life in Washington, D.C.

Cameron’s personal connection with protecting life in the womb makes this project even more meaningful for him. At the March for Life event, he shared that his wife is an adopted child “‘who was one doctor appointment away from not existing.’” Cameron and his wife have four adopted children and two natural-born children. He praises the efforts of pro-life advocates for their compassion and courage speaking out for the unborn. 


In his speech at the March for Life, Cameron inspired the crowd saying “we’re the family of faith. We love God, therefore we love life. And our hope is not in the White House; it’s not in Congress; our hope is not in the people who govern us or the laws that we make in this nation; our hope is in the power of God working in the hearts of His people.” Cameron recommended to the audience that they see the film ‘Lifemark’ as it highlights “the beauty of adoption, explaining how one life can impact so many.”

Cameron is the executive producer of the film and also appears in it as the adoptive father. In an interview with The Christian Post, he explained that he received a brief documentary of this story and it moved him so much that he wanted to turn it into a film so that the story could be shared with others. Alex Kendrick added that the film covers two decades and is full of “action, humor, and heart.” 


With the success of their past collaborations together including ‘Fireproof,’ ‘Courageous,’ and ‘War Room,’ Cameron and the Kendrick brothers are optimistic that this film will make an impact on its audience and those who need to hear its message. 

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