Kirk Cameron and the Kendrick Brothers Release First-Look Trailer for New Film ‘Lifemark’

Credit: March for Life

The Kendrick brothers have released a first-look trailer of their new film ‘Lifemark’ with actor and executive producer Kirk Cameron, according to The Christian Post. Based on a true story, Cameron shares that the film spreads a powerful message of being “pro-family, pro-love, [and] pro-forgiveness.” Focusing on the fact that life begins in the womb and the beauty of adoption, the producers of ‘Lifemark’ are sure the film will make a strong impression on its viewers. 

According to The Christian Post, ‘Lifemark’ “will tell the story of an 18-year-old girl who delivers a child before giving him [up] for adoption. A family who could not have their own children adopted the baby boy. The adoptive mother comes back into the boy’s life at 18 years old, and they are forced to deal with the birth mother’s choices as a teenager.” The Kendrick Brothers brought “action, fun, and humor” to the film to add an uplifting experience for viewers. 


Though the Kendrick brothers produce their own original content, when this story was brought to them by a friend, they knew they needed to produce it. For Stephen Kendrick and Kirk Cameron, adoption is personal for them as both have adopted children into their own families. Cameron spoke about the film at the annual March for Life earlier this year where he also discussed how personal the issue of life is for him, referencing his wife who was “one doctor appointment away from not existing.” 

Executive producer Alex Kendrick shared that “Scripture says that God forms us in the womb. He is the one that breathes life into us. We believe life is precious and that we are, as Proverbs says, to defend those who cannot defend themselves.” The producers want viewers to take away the message from this film that God steps into difficult situations and brings “redemption, hope, and healing.” ‘Lifemark’ will be released in select theaters starting September 9. 


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