‘Let Us Worship’ Event Draws Thousands to Pray in Washington, D.C.

Credit: Sean Feucht

A celebration of God’s strength and love last weekend in Washington, D.C. brought faithful Americans together to pray for our country. According to CBN News, the event, called ‘Let Us Worship’ was the third annual one hosted by Sean Feucht and thousands attended. Feucht shared that this year’s event felt different, noting that “it just felt historic. It was powerful. It really feels like it’s getting easier and easier to worship [in Washington D.C.],” adding that “it seems like there’s [an] ease of the presence of God. We can tell things are changing.”

According to CBN News, the event began at the Lincoln Memorial with stops at the White House, Capitol Hill, and the Supreme Court while attendees made their way to the National Mall. Thousands prayed for change in the United States. The ‘Let Us Worship’ website explains, “Our freedom to worship God and obey His Word has come under unprecedented attack. Powerful politicians and social media giants have engaged in unchartered abuses of religious liberty, silencing the faithful, banning our voices, and outright attacking our God-given right to declare His goodness.” 


Feucht shared that beginning next year, this worship event will be taken to all 50 states on a tour called ‘Kingdom to the Capitol.’ Praying for change, there will be a great emphasis on saving lives as abortion has become a state issue, and Feucht is hopeful that their movement will spread the words so many need to hear to choose life. Feucht said, “we have to keep going, we have to keep striking the ground, just like Elijah told the king–until we see breakthrough happen.”

Although the Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade brought great celebration, Feucht reminded Americans “not to take our foot off the gas,” and to keep praying that faith continues to touch the hearts and minds of those in need. He shared that it is easy to blame the government for all that goes wrong, but it is important to take responsibility for bringing the changes that are so desperately needed through prayer and believing in God’s power. 


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