Major Cyberattack Forces Hospitals, Clinics to Suspend Operations in Five States

Credit: shutterstock

A cyberattack that occurred on Thursday has forced hospitals and clinics in five states to shut down their computer systems. According to AP, some emergency rooms were forced to close temporarily and primary care services have remained closed into Friday while security experts investigate the situation. The facilities affected were operated by Prospect Medical Holdings, which is based in California, and has locations in Texas, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania. 

The company shared that upon learning of the cybersecurity attack, they immediately took their systems offline to protect them. With the help of third-party cybersecurity specialists, the company has launched an investigation operation and is working quickly to return their hospitals and clinics back to “normal operations.”


While most services, including emergency rooms, were able to reopen on Thursday night, some services still remained suspended. Elective surgeries, outpatient procedures, and blood drives were among the services that remained suspended. 

Patients of the facilities were contacted about the major data security breach. Patients seeking services from the affected hospitals were either transported or directed to other medical facilities just after the cyberattack. The quick action taken to shut down the computer systems and divert patients to get the care they need suggests that the company may have had a plan in place to deal with cybersecurity threats, as Americans have been previously warned that such attacks are highly possible. 


According to AP, “the FBI in Connecticut issued a statement saying it is working with ‘law enforcement partners and the victim entities’ but could not comment further on an ongoing investigation.”

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