Marines Receive Free Christmas Trees as a Thank You for Their Service

Credit: shutterstock

Marine Corps Community Services Lejeune-New River gave away free Christmas trees this holiday season to marines to give back to them for the sacrifices they make for us. According to WITN, Marine Corps Community Services Lejeune-New River partnered with the Christmas Spirit Foundation and FedEx to distribute the trees on a first come, first serve basis to active duty marines and their families. Each tree loaded onto each car came with a note thanking each soldier for their service. 

MCCS Lejeune-New River deputy operations officer Yolanda Adams, shared that with the cost of trees going up along with the cost of essential items such as food and diapers, she does not want to have to see our soldiers choose whether or not to get a Christmas tree. She added that this event is another way to say thank you to our soldiers who have given up so much to protect us and our freedoms. 


Soldiers who attended the event shared their appreciation for it and are looking forward to decorating their trees and celebrating Christmas. Camp Lejeune Commanding Officer Brigadier General Andrew Niebel, shared with WITN that “it’s a challenging life in the military and this is one way that not only us as a base or an installation but the communities that give back is very much appreciated.” 

At Camp Lejeune, the event was supposed to be held until 10:00 am Friday morning, but volunteers offered to stay until all Christmas trees were given away. According to WITN, MCCS, the Christmas Spirit Foundation, and FedEx hope to distribute more than 15,000 trees together this Christmas season to our national heroes across the country. Seizing any opportunity to thank America’s greatest heroes is important, and at Christmastime that thank you can mean a little bit more as our soldiers’ hearts are filled with love from the kindness of those who give back. 


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