Masters Champion Scottie Scheffler Speaks About the Power of Faith and Family

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The winner of the Masters PGA Tournament, Scottie Scheffler, praised God and his family as he reflected on his success in the tournament, according to The Christian Post. After receiving his green jacket, Scheffler shared an emotional message where he expressed his gratitude for the support system he has at home and being able to celebrate his victory with his family. When asked in a press conference about how he “balances his desire to compete…without letting it define who is as a person,” Scheffler spoke to his strong faith, which encourages him on the golf course.

Scheffler shared that he was “a mess” the morning of the tournament, feeling overwhelmed and that he was not ready for such an event. His wife, Meredith, lifted his spirits reminding him that “God is in control.” Scheffler explained that he took her encouraging message to heart saying that “the Lord is leading me; and if today is my time, it’s my time.” The masters champion further explained the role faith has in his life as he shared that the reason he plays golf is to try to “glorify God and all that He’s done” for him. Scheffler added that Meredith strengthened him by helping him realize that his “identity isn’t a golf score,” telling him that no matter what happened, “I’m still going to love you, you’re still going to be the same person, Jesus loves you and nothing changes.” 


Ted Scott, Scheffler’s caddy, also served as a source of encouragement for him on the golf course. Highly familiar with the game and the course, Scheffler said of Scott, “I can’t speak highly enough of Ted as a person, and as a caddie. I respect him so much just as a person. He’s such a fun guy to be around, he’s a man of faith and I love him. I can’t say enough about him. The qualities you look for in a person, Ted embodies pretty much all of them.”

Scheffler explained that he “felt at peace” on the golf course at the tournament with his wife’s prayers for him. Feeling “God’s presence on the course Sunday” helped Scheffler overcome his struggle and take the steps that day to start what became his championship. An inspiring athlete, Scheffler’s humble approach to the sport and his strong foundation of faith and family is encouraging to all athletes who experience similar challenges as they embark on their own great journeys. 


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